About Us

Jon Piasecki

I have a strong personal and professional interest in ecology, and the cultural importance of the land.

My company Golden Bough provides design/build landscape architectural services. My emphasis is on stone work, native planting and drawing connections between people and the land. Unlike many landscape architectural firms, I physically build the things I design.
I am a registered landscape architect in good standing in Massachusetts. I received the Prince Charitable Trust Rome Prize (2004) awarded by the American Academy in Rome which is arguably one of the highest honors in my profession.

I graduated from Harvard University with a Masters degree in landscape architecture in 1995 and I am a graduate of Cornell University where I received a bachelor of science degree in forest ecology in 1989. At Cornell I worked on a wide variety of ecological topics including climate change, fine root growth, ozone impacts, and human land use patterns as they relate to forest ecology in New England and New York.

I do unaffiliated research in archaic and bronze age earth magic and stone joinery.